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Minister of The South Link Project's Chaofang Section, Reconstruction Implementation Circumstances of Niupo River Bridge
Reconstruction Implementation Circumstances of Niupo River Bridge  The Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) Chaozhou-Fangliao section (Hereinafter referred to as the 'Chaofang section') is a section of the TRA's Kaohsiung - Pingtung Line. Its northern end begins at Chaozhou Station (39K + 730 mileage post on the Kaohsiung - Pingtung Line), and it extends south to the terminus at Fangliao Station (64K + 979 mileage post on the Kaohsiung - Pingtung Line), where it converges with the South Link Line. Its length is approximately 25.2 km, and its current status is that of a single-track non-electrified railway line.
  The Niupo River Bridge, located at the south of Nanzhou Station, is a 140 meter-long steel-girdered bridge. In order to coordinate with the Nanzhou-to-Linbian conversion to double-track, the construction method is to first newly construct a single-track prestressed concrete bridge on the Dongzheng Line (mountainside), and after switching the existing track to the new bridge, then remove the existing steel bridge, reconstructing a prestressed concrete bridge (Xizheng Line) in situ. The reconstruction project includes the relocation of the mechanical and electrical equipment related to the system, and the reconstruction of the Niupo River Bridge and the embankment section.
  After reconstruction, the length of the Niupo River Bridge will be 106m, the largest span of a U-girdered railway line bridge in the country. To complement the future renovation of the Niupo River drainage system, when designed, this was done in accordance with such factors as the floodwater height, freeboard and maintenance space, raising the height of the Niupo Bridge's track elevation. Converting the current monorail to a double track line will be able to significantly improve the time required in waiting and avoidance for interchange, and will be beneficial to increasing the travel volume of TRA's services.
  At present, the first phase of construction of the Niupo River Bridge (Dongzheng Line) has already been completed. In early June 2017, the track will have been switched to the new track, after which existing trains will be able to travel on the new prestressed concrete bridge (Dongzheng Line). After the future dismantling of both the steel-girdered bridge and track, the second phase of reconstruction (Xizheng Line) work can be carried out. It is expected that the Niupu River Bridge reconstruction work will be completed by the end of July, 2018.

Contact person:Chung Cheng-hsien



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