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Completion of New Tzechiang Tunnel on Hualien - Taitung Line
Minister of Transportation and Communications Hochen Tan  On August 29th, 2017 Minister of Transportation and Communications Hochen Tan, accompanied by Acting Director General of the Railway Reconstruction Bureau Allen Hu, inspected the completion of the Hualien –Taitung Line Electrification Project's New Tzechiang Tunnel, taking a railway engineering maintenance vehicle to make an inspection tour of the completed tunnel.
  The New Tzechiang Tunnel of this project is located between Taiwan Railway's Ruisui Station and Sanmin Station. As it passes through the Wuhe table land, a rarely encountered sedimentary mud geology was encountered, which made this the most difficult piece of engineering work to be carried out on the entire line. After the commencement of work in January 2010, in June, 2011, a large mud layer was discovered at the tunnel's south entrance. At the time, a variety of geological improvement construction works were carried out, but collapse still occurred. After numerous instances of inviting domestic experts and scholars, as well as the Chinese Taipei Tunnelling Association to discuss the problem, in 2012 the central pilot tunnelling method was utilized along with composite grouting excavation, with excavation progress of only about six meters per month. Also, at the north entrance of the New Tzechiang Tunnel, ground surface collapse occurred in August 2012 due to damage inflicted by Typhoon Tembin. Emergency concrete backfill and tunnel consolidation and sealing grouting operations were carried out, with a weekly excavation progress of only approximately two meters.
  As both north and south tunnel entrance excavation surfaces encountered unfavorable geological factors, the progress of the project was seriously hampered. After seven years of arduous and difficult construction procedures, work was finally completed in August of this year (2017).
  During the inspection tour, the Minister gave his commendations to the Railway Reconstruction Bureau's Construction Team for being unafraid to tackle such an arduous project, and putting all their efforts into overcoming the difficulties of the geological circumstances. He also expressed his hope that this professional spirit would continue to promote the East Railway Construction Project. After the inspection, he made a gift of meal subsidy in recognition of the services rendered by the Construction Team.
  Following the completion of the New Tzechiang Tunnel, the subsequent approximately 9.25 km of double track conversion engineering work from Ruisui Station to Sanmin Station will also come into use in two phases. The first phase of this has already been completed, and it is scheduled that the Xijeng Line will come into use at the end of September (2017), with the second phase of the project scheduled to be completed by June 2018.
  The 'Hualien–Taitung Line Electrification Project' is an important part of the Eastern Railway conversion to rapid transport. With the completion of the New Tzechiang Tunnel, the section of the Hualien - Taitung Line already converted to double-track will reach 27.1% of the line's total length, greatly improving the line's overall capacity.
  Also, Hualien–Taitung Railway Complete Line Double Track Conversion Project is part of the Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program. At present, comprehensive planning and environmental impact assessment operations are already being carried out. The Railway Reconstruction Bureau will continue to accelerate implementation, further enhancing the efficiency of transportation capacity on the Hualien - Taitung Line.

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