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Railway Reconstruction Bureau Commissioned for Nanping to Wanrong Double Track Project, Construction already in full swing on September 20th, 2017
Nanping to Wanrong Double Track Project  The Hualien-Taitung Line Electrification Project already completed the stage target for electrification operation in June 2014. Electrification operation has now allowed the construction of the Eastern Railway Speedup and Improvement Project to upgrade the railway capacity, and also stimulated local tourism and boosted economic development in the eastern part of Taiwan. On the basis of the aforementioned railway construction and promotion, Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) has assessed the presently existent double track sections between Shoufeng and Nanping (the Xikou Tunnel section) and between Wanrong and Guangfu (the Guangfu Tunnel section). Should priority be given to carrying out double track construction between Nanping and Wanrong, then Shoufeng to Guangfu would have approximately 26.4 km of double track to provide for train operations, which would be able to reduce the probability of railway accidents, and positively affect train operations and circumstances of trains waiting to pass, thus enhancing the flexibility of train scheduling and the capacity of the line.
  The TRA commissioned the Railway Reconstruction Bureau (RRB) in July 2015, and the RRB was responsible for the route planning and design. The route selected was within the limits of the existing railway line's right of way and there was no need to proceed with the land acquisition. After the design and the bid were completed, construction work could go ahead. CECI Engineering Consultants Inc., Taiwan, handled the design for this project, while the Kung Sing Engineering Corporation was contracted to carry out construction. Work commenced on September 20th of this year (2017), and the double track electrification construction of this section is scheduled to be completed in December 2020.
  During the construction period, it is necessary to ensure the safety of the existing railway and consider potential risks such as line alignment, bridge cross-section connections, continued running of the railway and so forth. Line switching has to be carried out more than 4 times. Of these, the most difficult is the expansion of the Wanli River Bridge southward by 200 meters. The excavation for the foundations of this bridge expansion section immediately next to the railway line reaches a depth of 10 meters. This construction is difficult in the extreme, and utilizes the following construction methods:
  (1)Track support engineering beams: considering the deep excavation for the foundation of the bridge being immediately next to the railway line, construction adopts an approach of using track support engineering beams within the area of excavation.
  (2)Base swapping work method: use of the existing bridge is retained. The existing bridge abutment on the south side of the bridge is rebuilt as a bridge pier, utilizing the base swapping work method after temporary prop up and transfers of the loading and monitoring measures are set.
  (3)Half and half construction: With respect to the bridge extension, working in coordination with the existing section of bridge, a road under supporting-type steel bridge is used. After smooth convergence with the existing section, the half and half construction method is adopted, to keep the railway running.
  The benefits obtained after the completion of this project are as follows:
(1)Enhanced railway punctuality and operational safety.
(2)Ties in with the long-term construction plan for the railway and gradually increases the volume of traffic on the Taiwan Railways line.

Contact person:Chung Cheng-hsien
Wanli River Bridge Extension Project
Nanping to Wanrong Double Track Project diagram



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