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Keelung Project (Completed)
Keelung Station Reconstruction Project (2016-06-22 updated)

The Executive Yuan approved the “Keelung Station Reconstruction Project” in February 2009. Intended as a model for “urban renewal flagship project”, it is designed to rebuild new life into the existing station and its vicinity at a faster clip. While revamping the city’s role as a transportation hub, it is also meant to restore Keelung as an inviting city on the seashore and to transform Keelung Harbor into a port for tourism and waterfront leisure. The project is intended mainly to relocate Keelung Station southward, to south of Zhongyi Rd., While extending its platforms northward and adding exits and entrances to serve the passengers coming from and going to the West Wharf. The scope covers a stretch of about 1.5 kilometers from TRA Keelung Station to Sankeng Station. Duration to the project is from 2009 to 2017.
Reconstruction area of Keelung Project
Temporary platforms and rail tracks were put to use at the midnight of April 16~17, 2011. Urban planning alteration and land acquisition for the project were approved by Ministry of the Interior on Nov.26, 2013. All constructions for Keelung station was completed and put to use on June 29, 2015.

link Link: New Keelung Station to Be Open on June 29, 2015 (Open New Window)
link Link: New Keelung Station Opened to Traffic on June 29 (2015) (Open New Window)
link Link: Keelung Railway Station s Southern Station Square (Open New Window)
Southern side of Keelung Station(Open New Window)
Southern side of Keelung Station
Northern side of Keelung Station(Open New Window)
Northern side of Keelung Station


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