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South-Link Line Railway Electrification Project
A.Project Origin
Construction of an around-the-island electrification railway network is a fixed policy of Taiwan. Sections that are currently not electrified include the South-link line and the Pingtung line from Chaozhou to Fangliao, which is the last mile of the around-the-island electrification railway network. RRB was instructed by the Executive Yuan to give priority to the completion of the electrification network and the strengthening of railroad safety, and gradually construct the vision of a one-day social circle across the island.

B.Project Content
The total length of this construction project amounts to 123.4km, from Chaozhou Station in Pingtung County in the west to Taitung Station in Taitung County in the east. The engineering content of this project comprises the electrification of original lines, as well as the improvement of railway bridges and culverts, tunnels, slope protections, train stations, level crossings and electrical and mechanical equipment along the line.
Scope of South-Link Line Project

C.Project Goal
1.Speeding up of the railway: Increasing train speed – 90 minutes from Kaohsiung to Taitung and easing of the road capacity problem.
2.Power unification: Simplification of vehicle types and increased train dispatching flexibility.
3.Energy saving and carbon reduction: reduction of emissions and improvement of air quality in tunnels, stations and trains are in line with sustainable green public transport.
4.Promotion of tourism in Eastern Taiwan: improvement of station service efficiency, integration of recreation point distributions and transportation modes and establishment of connecting public transportation and two-track railway recreation systems.

D.Implementation Status
1.September 2006: Approval of the feasibility study of the electrification between Chaozhou and Fangliao by the Executive Yuan.
2.July 2009: Approval of the feasibility study of the South-Link Line Railway Electrification by the Executive Yuan.
3.December 2009: MOTC obtained opinions from the Executive Yuan, and assessed the incorporation of the Chaozhou – Fangliao section into the South-Link Line.
4.January 2010: RRB began the planning process, and reported the planning results to the MOTC in November 2011 and March 2012.
5.May 28, 2012: Report to the Executive Yuan.
6.August 28, 2012: Convention of a study and discussion meeting by the Council for Economic Planning and Development.
7.November 15, 2012: Report to the Executive Yuan.
8.January 9, 2013: Convention of a study and discussion meeting by the Council for Economic Planning and Development.
9.March 12, 2013: Convention of a study and discussion meeting by the Council for Economic Planning and Development.

E.Project Implementation Status
This construction project has been discussed and approved at the 1451th committee meeting of the Council for Economic Planning and Development on April 22, 2013.
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