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Fengshan Project
I. Project Name: Kaohsiung Underground Railway Fengshan Extension Project

II. Project Origins:
1. In July 1996, Executive Yuan approved Kaohsiung Metropolitan Area Underground Railway Feasibility Study. The underground railway project is approved in principle from Zuoying to Fengshan.
2. In January 2006, Executive Yuan approved Kaohsiung City Area Underground Railway Project. The Fengshan Area was not a part of the project area in the initial Kaohsiung Project, but because of the pending decision of whether or not the area would have underground railway work done on it, the area was included in follow-up planning research and analysis.
3. On November 19, 2007, concerning the Fengshan Area Railway Grade Separation Plan Study, Executive Yuan approved and announced that it would select the underground plan so that follow-up comprehensive planning can be carried out.
4. On December 16, 2010, Executive Yuan approved the comprehensive planning report of the Kaohsiung Underground Railway Fengshan Extension Project.

III. Project Outline:
1. Project Duration: In 2017, the Fengshan Project will be open to traffic along with the Kaohsiung Project, and in 2018 the project will be completed.
2. Project Scope: The area is located along the Taiwan Railways Administration’s (TRA) Pingtung Line from the east side of Kaohsiung City’s Dashun Bridge (6K + 467) to the west side of Fengshan Area’s Dazhi Bridge (10K + 750). The project’s entire length is 4.28 kilometers.
3. Engineering Contents: Underground railway work to be done for a single tube, double tracks tunnel. Fengshan Station will have underground work done on it and it will also be renovated, and the commuter underground station Zhengyi/Liqing Station will be added.
4. Project Costs: A total of NT$17,625,000,000
5. Location of Project: Kaohsiung City
6. Project Drawing
Fengshan Project
IV. Expected Benefits:
1. Will eliminate 2 level crossings and 3 highway overpasses at Zhengyi Rd. and Fengsong Rd., increase railway transportation efficiency and speed, and improve local traffic conditions so that there are fewer potential dangers and bottlenecking is less frequent.
2. Connect as well as spur on the local development of areas served by the Sun Yat-Sen Freeway and the Fengshan Area Railway corridor.
3. Bring about development along the railway corridor, ensure that the garden-like green scenery is able to enter the eyes of passengers, and improve the quality of both human life and the environment in the metropolitan area.

V. Current Project Status:
1. Metropolitan Plan Changes:
(1) Changed both the Fengshan City Metropolitan Area master plan and the detailed plan for the corridor.
Fengshan Section: On July 4, 2013, Kaohsiung City Government submitted a report to the Ministry of the Interior, and on August 8, 2013, it was publically announced that the plan was being carried out.
Original Kaohsiung City Administrative Region Section: On July 4, 2013, Kaohsiung City Government submitted a report to the Ministry of the Interior, and on August 6, 2013, it was publically announced that the plan was being carried out.
(2) Draft of Fengshan City Metropolitan Area Plan (Authorized Station Area) and Detailed Plan Project: On July 5, 2013, at the 810th meeting, the Ministry of Interior’s Metropolitan Planning Committee deliberated on and ultimately passed the plan. On October 4, 2013, Kaohsiung City Government publically announced that the plan would take effect on October 5 (2013).
2. Design Work: This project is commissioned to the engineering design and cooperative work services plan, which will continue to perform design work.
3. Construction:
(1) On October 9, 2013, preliminary engineering work at Jiuqutang Station and engineering to improve access roads was completed.
(2) On March 31, 2013, work was started on Zhengyi Rd. Tunnel Engineering section (as well as temporary tracks and temporary station).
(3) On March 31, 2014, work was started on Fengshan Station and Fengsong Rd. Tunnel Engineering section.


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