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Nangang Project (Completed)
Nangang ProjectA. Scope of the Project:
The project starts at Keelung Road 23k+247 (Songshan Project Ramp) in the west and ends at Cidu 3k+662 in the east. The total length is about 19.4 km.

B. Main Work Items:
1. Constructing two 5.4 km long tunnels between Keelung Road and Dakeng River. One is for HSR system; the other is for TRA system.
2. Re-building both TRA’s Songshan and Nangang stations as underground railway stations.
3. Constructing a 2 km long mountain tunnel/ramp for TRA system between Dakeng River and the overpass for the Second National Freeway in Sijhi.
4. Building a 5 km long double-track elevated railway between the overpass for the Second National Freeway in Sijhi and Wudu tunnel, including Sijhi and Wudu elevated stations.
5. Building TRA Cidu Marshalling Yard as well as Wudu Freight Yard.
6. Re-building Cidu station and planning it as a multi-use building.

C. Estimated Cost: NT 83,069 million dollars

D. Project Duration: until August 2011

E. Expected Benefits:
1. Eliminating 15 level crossings and reducing traffic congestion.
2. Boosting the overall development in Nangang District in co-operation with the construction plans of Nangang Economy and Trade Park.
3. Boosting the land development in the coach yard, freight yard, and that along the railway.
4. Saving manpower by concentrating management because of the combination of Cidu Marshalling Yard and Nangang Coach and Freight Yard.
5. Reducing environmental pollution, improving urban landscape, and enhancing living quality.
6. Eliminating the barrier that hinders urban development and traffic communication, which will boost land as well as urban overall development.

link Link: The Completion of the RRB Nangang Extension Project on October 23 (Open New Window)
Nangang Project
*New Cidu Marshalling Yard :
In response to the changes of TRA's freight business, a marshalling yard was constructed in Cidu (combining the Nangang Coach Yard and the Cidu freight yard) as the northern service base for TRA. Additionally, the existing Cidu Station, which consists of a front station building and a back station building, would be revamped to become one unified new Cidu Station. The project covers an area of 45 hectares. To prevent disruption of its marshalling yard operation during construction, the original facilities were kept until the new facilities were completed. It was like "making alterations on a suit while it was being worn within a strict time limit." On August 3, 2005, the first phase of the construction was completed and the Nangang Coach Yard and Cidu freight yard moved into their new home. The biggest marshalling yard in Southeast Asia was born.

*New Songshan Station:
In coordination with the Nangang Business Park Project and overall area development, this project would link TRA passengers to intra-city and inter-city buses, Taipei MRT, light rail and "blue highway" services. It would help the Songshan area develop into a business center and the traffic hub of east Taipei. The floor area of the new Songshan Station building is around 55,000 square meters. This NT$7.8 billion project is due for completion in 2010.

*New Nangang Station:
The objective of this project is to make the new Nangang Station the gateway to east Taipei.The mixed-use station building would be shared by the TRA, HSR and Taipei MRT (Banciao-Nangang Line) and it would also include a mall. Passengers will be easily able to connect to intra-city and inter-city buses. This project is crucial to the urban development of Nangang area. The new Nangang Station building will contain around 280,000 square meters of floor space. This NT$11.7 billion project is due for completion on May, 2010.

*Sijhi Elevated Station and Wudu Elevated Station:
The elevated railway (4.5 kilometers) to be constructed in this project starts from the west entrance of the new Wudu Tunnel and goes west to under the Northern Second Freeway's Sijhi Elevated Bridge, where it connects to the tunnel ramp of the Nangang Underground Project.The project also includes the construction of the Sijhi Elevated Station and the Wudu Elevated Station. During construction, some foundation rocks-relics of the Liu Ming-chuan Railway- were found. The RRB quickly revised its construction plan to preserve the site, setting a good example for historic preservation. The first phase of the project was opened during the early hours of April 9, 2006. The opening of the railway has spurred a citywide urban renewal and improved the flooding situation in the area.
New Cidu Marshalling Yard(Open New Window)
New Cidu Marshalling Yard
New Nangang Station(Open New Window)
New Nangang Station
New Songshan Station(Open New Window)
New Songshan Station
Sijhi Elevated Station(Open New Window)
Sijhi Elevated Station


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