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Taichung Project
Taichung Metropolitan Area Elevated Railway Project (2017-03-16 updated)

The Executive Yuan approved the Taichung Metropolitan Area Elevation Railway Project on February 13, 2006 to accommodate the TRA’s structural transformation. The project is also meant to facilitate urban renewal in areas near the original Taichung and Fengyuan stations, consolidate the region’s metropolitan transport networks, and remove the impediment to regional development posed by rail tracks. Spanning a total of 21.7 kilometers, the Taichung Project begins north of Fengyuan Station, runs past Taichung Station, and extends to south of Daqing Station. A highlight is that the original Taichung Station will be preserved as a historical site. With the entire length elevated, a total of 17 level crossings will be eliminated. On top of the viaducts of five stations—Fengyuan, Tanzi, Taiyuan, Taichung and Daqing, another five will be designed for commuters: Lilin, Toujiacuo, Songzhu, Jingwu and Wuquan. Duration to the project is from 2006 to 2017. After completion, the project is expected to help facilitate metropolitan transportation by easing traffic congestion and balance urban development by removing barriers (rail tracks) along the route. An improved cityscape that thus results certainly goes a long way toward raising the quality of living and environment; and the more efficient use of land will surely help foster economic growth. The engineering of viaducts, for Taichung project were completed. In 2016, subsequent works are proceeding on the stations, rail tracks, electrical and mechanical engineering.

The viaduct construction of the project between Taiyuan Station and Jingwu Station was completed on February 29, 2012. Beneath this elevated stretch is now an exhibition center on how life may look like after the entire route is completed. Open to visitors on November 17, 2012.
The project will be opened for operation in 2016.
Taichung Project
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Fengyuan station(Open New Window)
Fengyuan station
Lilin station(Open New Window)
Lilin station
Tanzih station(Open New Window)
Tanzih station
Toujiacuo Station(Open New Window)
Toujiacuo Station
Songjhu station(Open New Window)
Songjhu station
Taiyuan Station(Open New Window)
Taiyuan Station
Jingwu station(Open New Window)
Jingwu station
Taichung station(Open New Window)
Taichung station
Wucyuan station(Open New Window)
Wucyuan station
Dacing station(Open New Window)
Dacing station


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