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Kaohsiung Project
Kaohsiung Metropolitan Area Underground Railway Project (2016-07-18 updated)

The Kaohsiung Project, extending from Baozhen Road, south of Zuoying Station, to Zhengyi Road, covers a distance of approximately 9.75 kilometers. Alongside a twin-track tunnel, it will construct five commuter stations—Fine Arts Museum, Gushan, Sankuaicuo, Minzu and National Science and Technology Museum —as well as move underground Kaohsiung Station (R11 Station of Kaohsiung MRT included). The Zuoying Project runs from the new Zuoying Station to Baozhen Road, a length of 4.13 kilometers, with the Neiwei and Zuoying stations to be moved underground. The Fengshan Project is the Kaohsiung project extension to Fengshan. It starts from the east of Dashun Overpass to Dazhi Overpass at Fengshan zone, covering a total length of about 4.3 kilometers. The project includes adding one new underground commuter station Zhengyi/Chengqing station and the Fengshan Station underground. The Duration for the project is from 2006 to 2018. In 2016, subsequent works are under way on stations, tunnels and rail tracks.

The river base engineering work for the tunnel that crosses the Love River has been completed. In addition, underground structural engineering work for the permanent MRT R11 Station, which is an integrated structure at Kaohsiung Station, has been handed over to Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Corporation (KRTC) to lay the tracks and carry out other related work. Construction on the southern-section tunnel on Zhonghua 1st Road has been completed on November 16, 2014. The Fengshan Project making shift platforms and temporary tracks were opened for operation on January 2014 for the first phase and completed the second phases on June 2014. All Constructions on the Kaohsiung Project (included Zuoying and Fengshan Project) are proceeding.
Kaohsiung Project
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**Building Kaohsuang Station and 5 commuter stations:
Fine Art Museum station(Open New Window)
Fine Art Museum station
Sankuaicuo station(Open New Window)
Sankuaicuo station
Minzu station(Open New Window)
Minzu station
Gushan station(Open New Window)
Gushan station
Dashun station(Open New Window)
Dashun station


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